Loft, Psychiko


Dj Booth
Projection Screen
Meeting Room
2 x WC
Cloak Room
Catering Station
Max. 60 seated guests
All eyes on the screen. Our open-plan space can transform into an inviting auditorium, ideal for press conferences, presentations, film previews, and more.

SOLID’s bright and airy space will inspire every keynote speaker to give their very best. In our experience, this versatile auditorium setup is the perfect option for large group briefings, Q&A sessions, and other events with a large audience. A podium, armchairs, or a table can also be placed in front of the screen facing the audience.




Max. 25 seated guests
Kick back and enjoy. Our most casual layout is a mix of snug seating and versatile tables; a homey setting for your next outside-the-box team-building activity, workshop, or meeting.

Conference Table

Max. 36 guests
Meet the mother of all tables. Fully custom-designed for extra comfort and convenience. Your go-to option for board meetings, conferences, or banquets.

Cosy Huddle

Max. 25 seated guests
Combine our bespoke leather sofa in front of our sleek fireplace and wireless TV with comfy armchairs for an intimate amphitheatrical layout, ideal for small presentations, briefings, and trainings.


Max. 36 seated guests
To get to know us better: our most popular layout is ideal for workshops and team-building events where participants need to sit in groups.


Max. 36 seated guests
Our Loft is definitely too cool for school. This layout ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality and performance.


Max. 120 standing guests
Work hard, play hard. If you were looking for a bright urban space for a relaxed reception, networking event, or festive celebration, look no further.